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Adapting a “Taxpayer vs Government” System to Resolve “Taxpayer vs Taxpayer” Disputes

The purpose of a property assessment system, at least here in New Jersey, is to provide a basis for fair and equitable allocation of local government expenses (county, municipal, school, etc) among the taxpayers.  In a properly functioning system, fluctuations in assessments to reflect changes in the real estate market should be “revenue neutral”, meaning that the tax… Read More »

Virtually Eliminating Tax Appeals With Unlimited “Virtual” Tax Appeals

A powerful tool is now available to tax assessors and others faced with the daunting challenging of developing and maintaining fair and equitable value estimates on thousands or even tens of thousands of properties.  Even though advances in CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) and other software tools are a great help in maintaining assessments, local governments are often… Read More »

Monmouth ADP with an AGV “Upgrade” is NJ’s Best Chance for Fair & Equitable Assessments

The Monmouth Assessment Demonstration Program is an ambitious plan to show that improved collaboration among municipal assessors and the county tax board can help produce “qualified annual reassessments”, with inspections completed on a 5-year cycle.  Since all properties within the county will have the same valuation date, Monmouth is clearly leading the way toward fair and equitable assessments in… Read More »